Well the last week or so has been a little hectic. I finally found somewhere to live. It is a shared two bedroom flat. The landlord/flatmate seems really nice, unfortunately he like to talk to me in English but we will change that 🙂

The flat itself is a nice size, simply furnished and really comfortable. I have two weeks to get accustomed to it without him around as he has gone away for work, so that makes it easier. However, the last few days have been spent getting bits for my room, sorting out other bits and of course, being in contact with the insurance company about my accident. Fingers crossed it all works out.

Things are looking up. I have figured out exactly how long the painkillers last in my system. 5 Hours! That’s how much sleep I get before the pain wakes me up. But not to worry, it is getting better, slowly.

This week is the week to try and get a bank account opened, start seeing agencies about work etc. I have also found that the people down here are really friendly. I am very glad I was told to try Montpellier before settling in to Marseille. I would have missed out had I not listened.

Oh and I love the french supermarkets! Anyway, I do apologise for the lack of posts and photos, but once I can walk for more than 30mins without being in agony I will take my camera out and do some proper exploring.

Parler a bientôt