Delay in Posting



I would like to apologise for the delay in posting about my trip so far. I did say this was going to be an adventure and, well, it has been interesting.

Last Friday, Day 3 of my Journey, I was riding through Avignon on my way to Montpellier. After spending an amazing morning riding from Valence and up to the summit of Mt Ventoux. During ‘rush hour’ traffic, I entered a roundabout and as I am exiting from it a car turns straight into me. The next thing I remember is waking, surrounded by police and paramedics, and screaming in agony. (more…)

Just a quickie


Bike all packed, leaving in a few minutes. Hope it doesn’t rain :-/

I’ll speak to you all from France.


Lets try again


I now have my motorcycle back. I have to say thanks to G Force Motorcycles, for squeezing me in, they did a great job and really quickly for me. Considering the other garages I tried were booked up for two weeks I am most grateful.

So, early night tonight, off to France tomorrow.

Being forced to stick around for two days wasn’t great but time to go.

The next post will be published from France. 🙂

Speak soon x

8 years ago

So at this point I am supposed to be sitting on the Pride of Canterbury ferry on my way to France.

My bike has now been collected by the garage and I should be finding out soon what is wrong with it and when they can have it fixed by. To say it is inconvenient would be an understatement, forgetting the money, which I can’t forget, it is the annoyance of having to put off my trip. I’m sure you know what it’s like when you are ready for something then are forced into a change.

Never mind, at least it happened here rather than in the middle of nowhere in France.

Watch this space for updates. x

Last Night in UK (hopefully)


Well, here we are, the day before I am due to leave the UK for my adventure to France. Everything is packed, the movers have been and taken everything into storage, goodbyes said, forex organised. All ready to go…

Well… That was the plan anyway. I go out to my bike this morning to pop into town and it doesn’t start. Managed to get it started, however, there is now a tapping sound in the engine, then when revved, the engine cuts out.  Message left with bike guy, but being a Sunday, he hasn’t responded. (more…)

7 Days


Okay, the countdown continues, 7 days to go until my adventure. The next week is going to be hectic, seeing the last few people I can, the movers arrive to collect my stuff, hopefully getting my bike serviced (really should have done this sooner).

Anyhow, the last week has defiantly felt like the calm before the storm. I hope I’ve got everything sorted that needed to be.

I know have a Facebook page so be sure to follow it. Also, on the trip I’ll be posting images to my Instagram “@avfrancaise“. Keep an eye out and feel free to comment on them 🙂

Right, time to face the last week in the UK.

Speak soon and take care x

21 Days


Well, the countdown has started. After complaining for ages that I didn’t have a set date in mind and it was annoying waiting to make a decision, I was more or less forced into a decision, so, at this time(1630hrs)  in 21 days I’ll be (should be) at my first stop on my ride to Marseille.


It begins… Almost


Welcome to my site. In the next few weeks I will be embarking on a new adventure. I will be moving to France. Having been in the UK for 13 odd years now, it is time for a change.

What I plan to do here is document this adventure. Check out the ‘Info’ page.

Once the basic plans are in place and I know when I will be leaving, I will start posting. I will be documenting my adventure for 1 year to the day from moving day.

I hope it is entertaining. Speak soon.

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