_MG_1053 Well, I suppose, it is 13 years later than I had originally planned, but I am finally leaving the UK. Thirteen odd years ago I came to England with the intention of spending a couple of months getting organised and then jump on a plane to head to Malaysia to develop my career as a chef. Where did the time go? Anyhow, I am now finally moving. Not as far as Malaysia and not to be a chef, just across the channel to France. The south of France to be more precise. Once planned, the moving date should be about the end of September 2013. I invite you, one and all, to follow me on this new adventure of mine. I am sure there will be a few posts to make you laugh, or shake your head in disbelief, amazement or shame, but I am sure there will be something for you all. Those of you who know me, you can expect the odd rant or two as well. Thanks for joining me and please follow my blog, comment on posts or contact me directly, I would love to hear from you all. Speak soon Français
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