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Montpellier – A selection of photo’s


I apologise to all for the delay in getting back to posting. It has been a tiring few weeks. I have almost recovered from my injuries and today actually managed to take my camera out to capture a few images of the city. Nothing too exciting but it was great being able to hold up my camera without wincing in agony.

In other news, the landlord/flatmate arrived back last night, with fiance and her son in tow. Such nice people. Although I am guessing he is a little mad just like me. As he needed to collect his motorcycle from the garage today and his fiance wasn’t here, he asked if I could go with him and drive the car back, with Eliot (the step-son) while he rode the bike. I’ve only really known him for a couple of days. Oh well. I didn’t tell him I hadn’t driven a left hand drive car before, but it all worked out. We got back safe and sound, and apart from my left hand hitting the door once when I needed to change gear, it’s actually not an issue.

Anyhow, I should be posting more regularly now. I hope you enjoy the photos.

A bientôt.

Le Petit Déjeuner


So, this morning my sister left on the drive back to Avignon to catch her train to Paris. Today involves yet another change of hotel for me. For 3 days at this one. Hopefully I’ll find accommodation soon.
I am now sat in a restaurant in Place de la Comédie having croissant and café. Did I mention it is 7:15am. I have a long wait before I can check into the hotel.

Not feeling the best today, thankfully the painkillers are not in short supply.

Anyhow, a little, perhaps boring, update.

Parler à bientôt.


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