Well, here we are, the day before I am due to leave the UK for my adventure to France. Everything is packed, the movers have been and taken everything into storage, goodbyes said, forex organised. All ready to go…

Well… That was the plan anyway. I go out to my bike this morning to pop into town and it doesn’t start. Managed to get it started, however, there is now a tapping sound in the engine, then when revved, the engine cuts out.  Message left with bike guy, but being a Sunday, he hasn’t responded.

So what was due to be a stressful night thinking of my trip out of the UK tomorrow morning nice and early, has turned into stressing about my bike and wondering what it is going to cost me!!

Seriously, the day before I leave and on a Sunday, not a week day or a week before I leave. Not amused. Anyhow, I will post when I know what is happening.

Wish me luck :-/